Proyecto Promociona | Other Activities
Proyecto Promociona - Programa Ejecutivo de Mujeres en la Alta Dirección diseñado específicamente para fortalecer y desarrollar las competencias, habilidades profesionales y de liderazgo de mujeres altamente cualificadas en su ascenso hacia la primera línea de la organización.
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Other Activities

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Other Activities

THE PROMOCIONA PROJECT complements Senior Management training by other activities that we consider equally important and necessary for professional development, as they have the aim of facilitating women’s access to a professional network traditionally male and contribute to cultural change.


These activities are:

  • Mentoring: One of the great successes of “Promote” has been the creation of an exceptional group of mentors for this first program, composed of Presidents, CEOs and General Managers, mainly from participating companies.
  • Coaching: The participants will go through a 360 evaluation before starting the training phase, and after will carry out coaching sessions at the beginning and end of the program, ending up with the creation of an IDP (individual development program) a personalized development program for each of them according to their circumstances.
  • Community 2.0: A community 2.0 has been formed, where both participants and companies and their Managers participate actively in the digital world. Thus professional networking is strengthened. We highlight the existence of the Linkedln group where you can see the profile of participating managers and contact them.
  • Networking activities: These activities will be carried out at the headquarters Business School and other chosen places, such as CEOE headquarters. We highlight the “Promociona Breakfast” held at the CEOE.