Proyecto Promociona | Programa Ejecutivo de Mujeres en la Alta Dirección
Proyecto Promociona - Programa Ejecutivo de Mujeres en la Alta Dirección diseñado específicamente para fortalecer y desarrollar las competencias, habilidades profesionales y de liderazgo de mujeres altamente cualificadas en su ascenso hacia la primera línea de la organización.
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This program is carried out with Norwegian funds within the framework of the European Economic Area, coordinated and co-funded by CEOE (Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations), with the participation of the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, and collaboration of ESADE Business School, who intends to change the situation of the senior Management in our country, adapting to changing times.


The aim is to improve access of women to management positions and Boards of Directors of our companies, and thus keep progressing to create a shared leadership.


We consider that the best way to use these funds is through an excellent training program, mentoring, counseling and strengthening professional networking in which companies detect candidate’s potential in their organizations and commit to promoting them in their company.


THE PROYECTO PROMOCIONA thus intends to change the figures that, demonstrate that although in Spain six out of ten graduates are women, only one of them reaches a managerial position. Other relevant data: out of the 35 most important publicly traded companies in the country, there is only one woman as CEO and only two companies have women as Presidents.


We invite you to learn more about our effort, and commitment to change this situation and help us to promote female talent in the company.


The second edition of Proyecto Promociona is kicking off, with the aim to continue enhancing a woman’s access to positions of Senior Management and Boards of Directors in companies, thus contributing to the definition of the model of society we all want.


It’s time to promote everyone in Senior Management.


Initiative to identify, retain and promote female talent in companies.


From the Ministry of Health an action Plan has been launched from aimed at those companies committed to integrate if diversity and promote is effective equality in all areas of the company.


Collaboration agreements are signed off to increase the presence of women in positions of responsibility in the next four years.


This initiative aims to identify, retain and promote female talent in companies, from willingness, to achieve a balance of women and men on management committees and boards.


For more information about this initiative, please contact the General Management for Equal Opportunities through email or phone 915246857.


Participating Institutions in the Promociona Project

Participants First Edition of Promociona Project

Promociona Breakfast in CEOE, January 29 by Pilar Trucios under the title:

“Digital transformation in the company and the role of managers in it”

Pilar Trucios is a journalist and MBA from IESE. She is a specialist in Digital Media, Social Media, Corporate Communications and Brands. With over 20 years of experience in Media, such as Europa Press and Recoletos Group (now Unidad Editorial).


She was deputy director of the economic newspaper Expansión and responsible for Expansión y Empleo. She worked as a communication and brand consultant for clients such as Vega Sicilia, Lazard, M&B Capital Advisers, Vaughan or Infoempleo. In 2011 she held the position of General Director of Communications and Brand in Bankia.


In 2012, during her residence in New York, studied and researched the digital and Social Transformation of the company. Currently is a consultant for Communication and Brand an member of The Valley Digital Business School, where she manage Senior Management Program in Digital Business (PADDB+) and incompany school programs.


She is a regular speaker at companies, universities and business schools. She is a Blogger in, which reconciles with other articles.